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Yelapa is a small village town by the sea, populated by friendly locals and boasting one of the easiest Puerto Vallarta waterfall hikes. The secluded beach lies adjacent to a lush jungle terrain and leads to a glorious waterfall with a swimmable pond surrounded by natural rock formations. Exotic fauna like iguanas, land crabs, and wild parrots roam the beach and adjacent jungle. Without a doubt, Yelapa is one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets.

The Falls at Quimixto


Quimixto is similar to Yelapa in a lot of ways: it’s a small, scenic village community on the beach, replete with bamboo huts and towering trees. Like Yelapa, it’s fairly secluded and best reached by water taxi. And like Yelapa, it’s home to a river that leads to a stunning waterfall. The waterfall in Quimixto is among the largest in the region, and it’s surrounded by towering rocks and trees that form a steep natural pool where you can swim, relax, and bask beneath the sunlight. Best of all, it’s swimmable year-round. Just watch out for the currents during the rainy season, as the waters can get a bit rough if you’re not a strong swimmer.

The Falls at Playa Colomitos


While the waterfall at Colomitos is fairly impressive, this destination is really about the hike. This is one of the most photogenic spots for Puerto Vallarta hiking if not the most photogenic spot for Puerto Vallarta hiking—complete with golden sands, dense tropical jungles, cobblestone paths, and rustic bridges that descend over a rushing river. The crystal blue waters are also immaculate.