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In this month of thankfulness, it’s natural to find yourself in appreciation of the thriving creative community that is just one of this coastal city’s many points of attraction…it was a perfect time to attend the 2019 season’s very first edition of ArtWalk, offering aesthetic enthusiasts such as myself an opportunity to experience almost 20 of the highest profile art galleries in town as part of this engaging weekly promenade.

The Vibes: Once again I was able to turn a preferred personal activity into a part of my job, making the Wednesday night affair into a networking event down at Vallarta CoWork. The space was hosting an extra group of remote workers passing through paradise for a week, a few of whom were interested enough to join a band of office regulars for a moonlight constitutional.

6:30pm rolled around and the Sun began to set because we insist on playing with the clock twice every year. We gathered up our group, and together the 10 of us hopped on a northbound bus to the beginning of the ArtWalk route near Calle Allende. I even made sure to choose an air-conditioned one to avoid an early mutiny (I could tell it had working climate control from down the street because it was heading to another relatively high-rent district).